I have always dreamed of being a writer, a mother and a wife. That’s truly all I ever wanted to be growing up. Now, I am living the dream!
I am a best selling indie author, who has been picked up by a small secular homeschooling publishing company. My book, From Stressed to Best, went to number one within 12 hours of publishing! The methodology in the book, self-led learning, is actually being used in an entire school district in Italy after a mother read it, whose daughter suffers from anxiety, and the mother is also the American version of the district’s superintendent!
The book has helped thousands of other parents learn more about how self-led learning can help reduce anxiety and depression and help children who also suffer from learning disabilities gain a better education and a balanced life for all.
It was also reviewed by Pat Farenga at John Holt GWS. Pat is a major player in the unschooling/self-led learning world and I was honored to have him review my book.
I’ve also been published many times in Working Mother Magazine. My top producing articles are:
I’ve been featured on SEA Homeschoolers and done workshops on Homeschooling and Mental Illness and Success with Triple LD & Vision Disorders
Watch them on YouTube:
I’m also considered an expert in the field of gluten-free living and have been for over a decade.
I’ve been featured in:
If you’d like to work with me, or have me speak at your convention, please contact me at homeschoolunicornblog.com